Friday, September 23, 2005

Make way for Mother Nature

5:56 p.m. 9/23/05

Make way for Mother Nature

Gannett Louisiana bureau reporter John Hill gathered this detail in his leveeoverflow story being produced:

Brig. Gen. Miles Deering, head of the National Guard forces in New Orleans, arrived to survey the waterfall into the Lower Ninth Ward. Atop the drawbridge on the west side, winds gusted to 40 knots.
"Obviously, there has been a breach or an overflow on the east side," Deering said.
 "You can't do anything about Mother Nature," Deering said, blaming the water on the Rita storm surge and periodic rains, which were predicted to get worse overnight Friday.

Hills reports will appear in The Times, Shreveport, La., and sister newspapers in Louisiana.


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